«The author draws a suggestive and very personal vision of the great Goya ( …) The images come and go to the beat of a rhythm labyrinthine which reminds ‘The Aspern Papers’ or the investigations of Sherlock Holmes»
El Heraldo de Aragón

«Mauas traces a journey that goes from the legend to the social phenomenon, proposing a reflection on art as a business, with the schemes between innocent buyers and those who take over the art market, but he also includes a look into the identity of the artist and the authorship of his canvases»

«The film goes far beyond, and counts with dozens of experts who speak about Goya, on how he paints, feels, lives, and on how he works, hears, or signs…»
El Periódico

«Is it real or false? Is it a farce? Is it a fiction? Do these characters really exist? What are we talking about? A painting? The art market? Goya? Or about Spain?, asks David. And indeed he talks about all this and much more»
El Mundo.

«Mauas describes Goya as a “complex” artist, present in a kaleidoscopic history»

«The film with its air of false documentary approaches the painter and his work in a very personal way»

«Just as Hitchcock’s MacGuffin, the theory of the signatures works as a plot element that allows to speak about the legends that surround Goya»