Tales of a Bookseller

  • David Mauas
  • Joan Ripollès
  • David Mauas
  • Milagros Producciones
  • Fundació Baruch Spinoza (Barcelona)
  • Video Efecto
  • Audioclip
  • Rachel Rusinek
  • Alberto Tognazzi
  • Documentary
  • 12 min.
  • YEAR
  • 2000

Barcelona, October 1998. In his trial, Pedro Varela Geiss, in a moving speech, claims his innocence, insisting that he is a mere bookseller and historian concerned with finding out the truth about the alleged atrocities committed during the Second World War.

April, 1988. A crowd, saluting in the nazi-fascist way, shouts the name of Adolf Hitler. Pedro Varela, the alleged bookseller and historian, stands center stage, encouraging the audience: gas chambers never existed; black people invade and contaminate our Europe; Hitler was a true democrat and Auschwitz... a great city.

Tales of a Bookseller - with humour and irony - exposes the twisted rational of and ideology based on ignorance and cynicism and also reminds us that it is still ever-present.

  • Best Documentary Film, Festival de Creación Audiovisual de Navarra, 2000
Selected at
  • Festival de Cine Judío de Barcelona, 2000
  • Mostra Internazionale del Nuevo Cinema, Pesaro, 2000
  • Festival Internacional de Vídeo e Novos Media, Vigo, 2000
  • Festival Internacional de Films Resistance, Ariege, 2001
  • Bideo Mostra, San Sebastián, 2001
  • Docupolis, Festival Internacional Documental de Barcelona, 2001
  • Unimovie Festival, Pescara, 2001
  • Dokumentarfilm & Videofest in Kassel, 2001
  • Encontros Internacionais de Cinema Documental, Lisboa, 2001
  • Mostra de Curtmetrages de Vilafranca, 2001

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